Friday, November 19, 2010

cfos Speed 6.00 build 1700 Final

The network driver to break the Internet via broadband technology Traffic Shaping. Optimizes DSL, cable and modem lines, ISDN, and mobile-peer (P2P) Network, online games, VoIP and streaming media. Works with virtually any equipment, and almost all over the world. cFosSpeed will allow you to have a super-fast internet surfing and reduce download time and response. This program is popular with fans of online gaming, peer to peer networks and consumer audio and video streaming. 

• Low Ping
• Prioritising programs
• Prioritising protocols
• Online Budgets
• Firewall

• Online Budgets
• Usage Graph
• Overview of connections
• Skins
• Firewall
• Data and packet logging
• 32-Bit and 64-Bit version
• 12+ languages 

Download here :