Thursday, October 28, 2010

Senario Asam Garam [2010]

"Senario Asam Garam (2010)” the story starts with the incident where Asam (Mazlan Pet-Pet) and his assistant Garam (Zaibo) try to sabotage the kiosk owned by Cik Hawa (Julia Hana) and the office of Pak Adam (Azlee Senario) but their efforts always fail due to their stupidity. Asam and Garam dislike Pak Adam because both parties are in the construction business. Moreover, Pak Adam is an honest contractor unlike Asam and Garam.The news of a tender for the extension of the school in the village adds tension between Pak Adam and Asam and Garam, which forces Asam and Garam to try any means possible to sabotage Pak Adam’s bid for the project" ...

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